Turning Concepts to Profits!
Stack Engineering Incorporated is a mechanical
engineering consulting firm dedicated to the engineering needs
of our customers. We specialize in consumer, automotive and
agricultural design and development.  This includes product
design, CAD (Pro-Engineer & Solidworks), FEA analysis,
project management, application engineering, and various
engineering support requirements.
Stack Engineering Inc.
An Engineering Partner You Can Rely On.

Stack Engineering Incorporated  prides itself in our customer satisfaction.
We build relationships not customers. We will be there in each step,
helping to solve the issues at hand and meet your requirements. Our goal
is to insure your satisfaction and to meet today's every changing demands.
Engineers need quick responses, real solutions, and a partner in their  
product development. Stack Engineering Incorporated will be that partner
until project completion.
Engineered Solutions
CAD Support for many popular platforms
including Pro-Engineer, Solidworks, and

Stack Engineering Inc. now offers engineering support for
Solidworks. This includes solids, surfaces, sheet metal,  
weldments, drawings, and advanced assemblies.